Arges Monastery, Sf Filofteia

Arges Monastery, Sf Filofteia
Manastirea Argesului
Arges Monastery

The monastery was built by Neagoe Basarab (1512 – 1517) in place of the old metropolitan (1359). Interior painting, made by painter Dobromir was completed in 1526 during the reign of Radu from smoked. She kept fragmented in the National Art Museum of Bucharest. Repaired several times, the church was restored (1875 – 1886) by French architect Andre Lecomte du Nouy, disciple of Eugene Viollet-Le-Duc, which brought some changes that have diminished the value of historical monument. Built of stone lining and shaped the church has a plan triconch, inspired by planimetry church Vodice II, construction resumed and the other (metropolitan of Bucharest, the former monastery church Cotroceni Tismana Monastery, etc..).

Among the oldest settlements are speaking our history and Curtea de Arges with its surroundings. In the XIII century, high Poenari fortress, with its stone fortifications and a shaft directly connected with the river bottom below, had to reach by far the fame of these places, and the middle of the next century, the court Bessarabia and the church of St. Nicholas’ fame onto the whole time settlement gathered around them: Curtea de Arges later.

After the documents and inscriptions, and the testimony of the archaeological excavations, history of ancient taken duke, if not record the precise date when they gathered here întâiele populated centers, is but proof of that: these centers have developed fast enough to that, in the mid XIV century, showing both the existence of a chair Lord, and that of a large church organization. Thus associated, state and religious power adorn Arges valley with feats of arms and temples of worship, which I kept intact its spiritual function, even when capital moves to Targoviste.

Statue Neagoe’s ArgesDintre Court of monuments that have been forged over the centuries, from what they adorned Arges duke, of course that the church erected by Neagoe Basarab (1512-1521) is the most valuable art and architecture church building.


Begun in 1514 in his Neagoe’s intent to create a beautiful monument matchless work they have completed three years later, so that the January 7 1517, builder could even speak of “my reign at Arges monastery, and to hărăzească “Customs is at Ocna than in Targoviste ..”. Listening not only legend, but also some historical news, it appears that lack of money, despite its offering of ornaments Lady, but mostly for lack of days, painting the church could not be finished before the full transition eternal Neagoe Basarab

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