Bunjee jumping at Vidraru

Bunjee jumping at Vidraru

Dam Vidraru became favorite place for extreme sports enthusiasts. Here was built the highest launch pad for bungee jumping. Height of 166 meters and 1,2,3,4 gooooo

Bungee Jumping Vidraru

Bungee Jumping Vidraru

Vidraru facility at the second highest point in Europe start with the elastic rope (166 m).

For details and reservations, call Michael Mandreanu – phone 0721 479 746 (jumps may be made only by appointment phone, it is possible that Mr. Michael was not always on phone covers). The cost of a jump is 100 EUR (paid the equivalent in lei)

To salt you’ll need ID, your recovery from the dam is made by police, they will be forced to write down your details.

How did it come from bungee jumping?

Jump like bungee jumping were a ritual by which men try native tribes of the Pacific Ocean islands. All young tribe must pass this test of manhood to enter among men. The first was building a tower with a height of 100 feet. Then, two lianas were related Saritorile ankles and then, after jumping.

Bungee, which is a British slang for `within` Indian rubber.
In 1977, specifically on April 1, four members of the Dangerous Sports Club of the University of Oxford, have made the first modern bungee jump bungee. They jumped from the Clifton bridge, a bridge which has a height of 250 picoare. Only in the ’80s he became the sports and business.

Bungee jumping is a dangerous sport?

Statistically speaking, one bounce is as dangerous as going 200 miles by car (about one chance in two million, to die). Until now there were millions of jumps and registered very few accidents. Almost all accidents occurred because the rope was not securely attached to the jumper or platform.

The practice of this sport requires a lot of courage, endurance and mental and not least of all will.

From a health perspective is banned bungee jumping site people have heart problems, suffering from diseases of bones, muscles and eyes and nervous system.

“Beet stiff, my ass right cracii paste. Okay, man, now ‘give the dreacuuu! “, Thunders the instructor. With a lump in my throat, “victim” sits perched above the dam Vidraru, bungee jumping platform, the second in height in Europe. The man has been small, small face is green. 166 meters below the helmet of hau and above, at his feet, children, wife and remaining relatives begs her to let it go … can break the rope, it flicks off the heart can, can I still head the dam.
His wife retired two steps further on, can not see her killing the man live. On the dam were raised about 100 spectators. It made the last preparations. “You can jump in two ways – either flexi arms or open it and fly it as a board, Musa with Capu-down”, he shouted Michael Mândreanu, instructor. When you hear “board” think of a coffin. “Buhuhu, if this is the devil”, is zburleşte world. The murmured words “Koliva” and “live”.
A little to the jump. “Devil” shouted again. “And to your right between the head: do not touch any dead rope and kickback, head of the box, covered with both arms. As a kickback to the earthquake, one large and two, three lines below. Come further up the platform, step, step, step. Aurel seems unnaturally calm. You must make this jump just like to break ghinioanele of a lifetime.
May have a few seconds. Adrenaline increases, no one breathes, stretches young arms, for the suicide, “the devil” they shouted ‘s ears “Tree doooi, unuu” … and Aurel salt-n hau, the capu-down. It screamed in unison – and leaping, and instructor, and his wife and everyone. Family members covered their eyes ( “go to pieces, goes”). “Zboarăăăă … ready, you escaped!” Răcneşte Michael, from the platform. Assistance breathe again. The young man reached down and struggling to string the ball at about 30 meters from the ground. Relatives are quickly dam lip, but instead of Aurel, you can see, so, a tiny beetle.
100 euros, that you feel all the bones crackle.
“I kept my eyes open all the time, to see how near the ground. I’ve heard all the bones crackle, “says Aurel, picking off two policemen. A broken ground euphoric, says he is stoned, laughing policemen. “The rebound, my feeling was that all bodies were scattered. E nebuneala that, when given chord with you and do not know when you ascend and when you fall. May not know who is heaven. When we reached land again, I regret that all this is attempted. Tomorrow to do a muscle and … I think I grew a centimeter, “says the young. Bungee change something in you, after you go to wreck and mountains. Nothing scares you anymore. “More recently, I jumped, and Platform from Rasnov, and the crane. And after the last jump I was able to conclude an agreement difficult, that much I want him to get him, “he says. Has serious grounds to throw the head: in seven years was to die choking on 22 – to kill a car at 24, the tram dragged one hundred meters to 26 and gave the car over it and at 28 she decided to throw one of the cranes, from 45 meters, all with Capu-down, with elastic rope.
Blindly follow instructions without question a chicken. If not, you risk you get dust. Women find it difficult to comply with all rules, that sometimes one and păţesc: he kept a rope and was chosen by hand torn, the pieces have remained in the elastic muscle to bone. Another did the same and was ready to collect a rope round his neck, and the last was so afraid to jump, that remained suspended in the air, one hand against the platform and the other rope.

But there is one little secret bungee, says Michael. “That it’s musai to jump to a”. Since its open platform, have caught dozens of young people. Some Fri determined to fly, but when I see related to feet, give back. Those who jumped from one, no salt ever. “We had a boy friend left the dam that had no courage to jump. Before she jumped … half past one another stood on the platform and still not jumped. First he said that after the smoke salt. I brought the cigarette boy. When asked why water. I ran to fetch and water, only to jump again. Then he said it was too hot, the wind. Finally, supposedly ready to fix it at 6 salt. When we looked at the clock it was half past five. All my life, Michael was climbing utility and ’99 brought bungee jumping in Romania. He had several matches with the authorities so that he could open the facility and the Rasnov Vidraru, but now they are looking for buyers. Too big responsibility!

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