Transfagarasan road in Romania – Map

Transfagarasan road in Romania – Map

Transfagarasan map provided by tourism portal Tourism Arges is the most complete tourist and road map of Arges. All tourists who want to spend a holiday inthe Arges county can find information about the location of guesthouses, the roads,the sights you can visit and where they are located.

Map created by Arges Tourism team is the work of three years of measurements and findings for the main tourist locations in Arges County. Tourists can easily find attractions such as Arges Monastery, Fortress Poenari, and visited places such as Monastery hide robe, Stone Monastery or Monastery Namaiesti Corbi. DURING all Transfagarasan are horizon touristic tourists miss because they are not very well marked. Among the hidden sights include the Royal Court of Arges Church, Church of San Nicoara ruins, or Fountain of Master Manole is located 50 m from Arges Monastery.

Transfagarasan CLOSED – open up the Black Goat / Piscu Black

Route Map Transfagarasan in Bucharest:

  • Bucharest – Pitesti – Arges – Corbeni – Vidraru – Transfagarasan – Balea Lac -Sibiu
  • Distance of Balea Lake and Bucharest is 238 km and can be covered in about 2 – 3 hours

* Wait a few seconds to load full map Transfagarasan

View Obiective turistice, pensiuni Arges in a larger map

Also on the map Transfagarasan found most important board in Arges County. We work right now so we can offer tourists more and updated information about pensions in Dambovicioara especially the Rucar-Bran, the little-known but with a huge tourism potential.

Map also contains information about restaurants and pizzerias on Transfagarasan, and gas stations so tourists do not risk running out gas. If tourists come Transfagarasan and children every time they are interested and the nearest hospital, doctor or farmicie. All these information can be found easily on the map Transfagarasan.

For winter we marked each side Arges county ski or places where tourists can spend time or sleigh or sack. Tourist Information Point in Arges county town located near Royal Church Arges and it is marked in a special way so as to be visible.

In basically every tourist who arrives on the grill but Transfagarasan looking places more remote and quiet places where they can install tents and can quietly fire. Such places are marked on the map Transfagarasan so every tourist to have their lawn and barbecue place so they can listen to the music and wants to show as he wants.

While we want to have the opportunity to make the map Transfagarasan including information on hiking trails, places for climbing and hiking or biking trails but montainbike.

Transfagarasan Map Tips:

  • Pitesti highway continues to the entrance tunnel to a tunnel entrance ramp take right, pass the railway until the roundabout and the roundabout use in first-out
  • Arges Pitesti section is a good way to visit her but with the limitation of 50 km, there are only a small portion of road where the speed limit is 80km / h, from the Manicesti Merisani.
  • in Arges there are two options:
  • A. you enter in Arges, go straight ahead to keep Arges Monastery and from there farther toward Corbeni (advantages: beautiful scenery, monastery, drawbacks: traffic light, one-way crowded)
  • Two. input in Arges take the route for trucks above 3.5 t (advantages: you can from here to reach the monastery, traffic relaxed disadvantages: bypass the center of town)
  • of Arges Arges until Albestii of attention from speed cameras
  • Albestii de Arges Corbeni ride carefully
  • Corbeni – Transfagarasan – EXCEPTIONAL ROAD Balea Lake (03/20/2012)
  • -in all villages of the Arges to dam Vidararu summer watch out for animals at night between 18-19 hours, and for those who travel at night (villagers leave the horses and cows graze on the roadside).

Transfagarasan starts from the village Arefu, Arges County, at kilometer 61 of DN7C and ends in the village Cartisoara (Sibiu), at the junction with DN1. Is about 91.5 kilometers long and two lanes. Hill is a road with many switchbacks. Has many tunnels and viaducts – at Balea Lake through the longest road tunnel in Romania (887 m), Balea tunnel. In the tunnel there is one lane that is 6 meters wide and one meter wide sidewalk.


Additional information on state roads network can be obtained from the dispatcher to the National Highways and National Roads in Romania, by phone (004) 021 9360, (004) 021 318 66 09, (004) 021 318 66 31 or accessing the website.

Arges Tourism offers the most complete tourist and road map for Transfagarasan, with daily updates where you can find hostels, hotels, gas stations, restaurants, ski slopes etc everything you need to leave more successful.



First part of Transfagarasan road



Second part of Transfagarasan road


About Transfagarasan tourist map and route:

Transfagarasan harta

Transfagarasan is an automotive route overlaps a segment with DN7C and crosses the Fagaras mountains highlands of north-south axis linking Wallachia and Transylvania. Transfagarasan route was built between 1970-1974, route or the road at a time at the highest altitude, reaching 2042 m at the exit tunnel to Balea.

Trans-Fagarasanul route runs on two paved lanes surrounded by mountain peaks and alpine goals. The show offered the route passing through Transfagarasan is fascinating.

Wild beauty of the landscape, the steep hairpin curves, large opening provided in Belvedere points, bridges, tunnels, viaducts, variations in temperature and weather (I personally caught a segment of august snowy cottage (C) and Goat tunnel entrance) make you want to repeat this route unreal.

Transfagarasan route map is run from one end to another summer only between June 1 to November 1 when the route between km 000 and km 104 + 130 + 800 is closed to avoid accidents and loss of life. Speed ​​not exceeding 40 km / h because of its frequent turns and often wet and sometimes asphalt pits. There is much controversy about the starting point at the southern route Transfagarasan many statistics indicating the Arefu village (located at about 2, 5 km west of the mountain road). According to current maps including road map made ​​available by Google, the starting point of the southern area would be Arges. The issue is actually and old maps DN7 indicating that ground zero would begin to Bascov, while new shows clearly Pitesti.

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