Transfagarasan road, Arges-Sibiu

Transfagarasan road, Arges-Sibiu

TRANSFAGARASAN (DN7C) crosses the Fagaras Mountains and connects Transylvania from Wallachia. Transfagarasanul is the second road, the height, in Romania, soared to 2042 m.

Transfagarasan, Arges-Sibiu

One of the most picturesque areas in the Carpathians is the Fagaras Mountains. Located in southern Medias, at a distance of about 80 km, is visible on some days even in Medias. The mountain range has various heights above 2000 m, many waterfalls and glacial lakes.
Fagaras Mountains are found in the area and natural reserves and Arpasel Balea, both protected because of the diversity of flora and rare species that live here.

At about 2000 m height stretches over a distance of 90 km, Transfagarasanul the road that connects Muntenia Transylvania and crossed by a tunnel 900 m from a main ridge height of over 2000 meters. Here, although we have a resort in the true sense of the word, winter sports lovers feel at home. Locations of interest are situated in the Fagaras Mountains, the Transfagarasan, about 65 km from Sibiu.

Tunel Transfagarasan

Transfagarasanul Arefu start from the village, in Arges county, at km 61 of DN7C and ends in the village Cartisoara (Sibiu), at the junction with DN1. It has about 91.5 kilometers long and two lanes. It is a way to ramp with many coils. Has several tunnels and viaducts – at Balea Lac through the longest road tunnel in Romania (887 m), Balea tunnel. In the tunnel there is one lane that is 6 meters wide and one meter wide sidewalk. The tunnel is artificial lighting.

Telecabina Balea

Road closed to traffic in late October to June due to snow covering the road.
In winter transport from the Balea Lake Balea Cascada may be by cable car over a distance of 3800 m.

Cascada Balea

Cascada Balea It is situated in the Fagaras Massif and is the most famous waterfall in our country. Balea waterfall is over 1234 m altitude, has a fall of 60 m and marks the lower step Balea glacial circus.

Balea Glacial Lake Natural monument, Balea Glacier Lake is one of the largest lakes in the MountainsFagaras, with a length of 360 m, a width of 240 m and 11 m deep. The lake is situated at an altitude of 2034 m, in a cirque, falling from Piatra Olt Defile and foothills Craiului.

Vegetation type of the perimeter of the lake is hydrophilic, consisting of rogozuri and plants like: alpine plantain, dandelion alpina, spleen, etc..

Alpine flora includes: gentian, pink, flowers and blood voinicului corner. Balei edge grows a diverse vegetation comprising smardar, Red Garofita with red flowers and militant, and yellow poppies.

Balea Lac|Lac glaciar

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