Vlad Tepes castle

Vlad Tepes castle
Cetatea Poienari|Vlad Tepes
Poienari fortress|Vlad Tepes
Visited annually by thousands of Romanian and foreign tourists, the famous Citadel  poienari, Arges, begins to catch up on the master Manole Monastery, from Curtea de Arges. Known as Vlad Dracula’s Castle, it raised the interest of leading television, and National Geographic, Discovery and History Channel.

Foreign journalists have made documentary material about the real life of Vlad Tepes, was fascinated at the same time, the legends about the ruler who brought fame to the country of Romania’s Dracula.Cele 1480 steps, a spiritual tourist Golgotha


Map Poenari Fortress

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Fortress of Poienari is four kilometers from the dam Vidraru, perched on a mountain top, at an altitude of 860 meters. Here is where, according to legend, Vlad withdrew from the way the Turks. Access to its thick walls and today is a pain, because it captured only allow those who dare to climb the 1480 steps built into the hill crest. Perhaps this challenge attracts thousands of tourists annually, which once reached the top, are part of an incredible sight. The ruins of the city leave to discern a unique landscape and wilderness splendor. This has made the county government to focus more attention on this sightseeing. Arges County Council wants to install a lift for those who want to avoid climbing the steps 1480 and above, the city, to fit a patio and a monitor on which to watch movies with Vlad Tepes.

Jules Verne wrote a book inspired by the fortress of Poienari
The beauty and wild landscape surrounding the ruins of the city Poienari argesean attracted as visitors, many personalities of the Romanian spiritual life: Caesar Bolliac Odobescu Alexander, Carol Davila, Bogdan Petriceicu Hasdeu Vlahuţă Alexandru Nicolae Iorga and many others. They have left memorable pages, describing the way to Poienari and what remained of the city walls when they arrived. Pages written by them, they can join the novel “Castle of the Carpathians” by Jules Verne’s inspired by the legends recounted by a Romanian, about the mysterious fortress of Vlad the Impaler. Beyond the breathtaking scenery, legends site as a magnet attracting tourists, especially foreign ones.

Vlad Tepes
Vlad Tepes
Legends City Poenari
One of the legends Poienari fortress, transmitted from father to son, from the fifteenth century until today, said that the boyars of Targoviste, frightened by the harshness of prince Vlad Tepes who impale robbers, lazy and traitors, gathered in secret and brought about the ruin of the prince, tools to catch him alive in the race and take him peşcheş Sultan. Impaler but, being on time to intrigue, turned the race’s prepared against the boyars. So on Easter, He found his men Impaler Prince boyars that filled the church and raises, unexpectedly, all – small and large, young and old, men or women – and he brings down to Curtea de Arges and from there to above, a narrow strait, called the people Gorge Arge. After we enjoy socializing and watching magnificent landscape of mountains, Prince up buzduganul to dizzying heights of the Gorge, the highest crag, on which they could still saw some ruined walls, and, in a voice of thunder, ordered: ” boyars and cocoons, and jupânese boss, you that I have your watch iatacurile schemer death of eagles that nest, there up, to rise to-n Sunday Tomii the unbeliever a fortress wall to stand the sun on her forehead. “Vlad_Tepes

cetatea_Poienaricetatea-Poienaricetatea-poienari-aref (Medium)

And, turning the horse, vanish like a ghost. Bedding on the boyars were working ceaselessly, day and night, that they knew that the king not kidding, and only the tip of a Tepe, getting better live. Many have slipped on povârnişuri and sank into the depths of the precipice, predatory eagles and beasts. But, by the skin, the valleys, the new city of Thomas appeared on the morning of Sunday, proud and bright. On the left forgiven him, thinking that they repented of evil and were good.

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